Gokulashtami wishes: All about The krishna janmashtami 2023

Greetings on krishna Janmashtami 2023(gokulashtami): India reveres Lord Krishna, who is thought to be Lord Vishnu’s eighth incarnation.

One of the most well-liked festivals observed by Hindus in India and other nations is “Krishna Janmashtami”. The birth of Lord Krishna is commemorated on this day, which is also referred to by the names Krishna Janmashtami, Krishnashtami, Gokulashtami, Rohini Ashtami, Sri Krishna Jayanti. He is revered throughout India and is thought to be Lord Vishnu’s eighth avatar. Hindu epics portray Krishna’s birth as the present-day personification of love, gentleness, and compassion. Krishna was born at midnight in a prison cell in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. He is also renowned for his naughty tricks and the marvels he worked using his extraordinary abilities.

This year, is set to be celebrated on both September 6th and 7th.

The Background and Meaning of “Krishna Janmashtami”

Legend has it that Kansa, the brother of Rani Devaki, had heard a prophecy that her eighth child would be the reason for his demise. After learning this, Kansa locked Devaki and her husband Vasudeva up and slaughtered all six of their kids in a systematic manner. Kansa tried to kill Krishna as well, but Krishna was spirited out of the dim prison cell before he could. Krishna was borne by Vasudeva on his head in a basket as he crossed the Yamuna River and was given to his pals Yashoda and Nanda in Vrindavan.

krishna janmashtami (gokulashtami)

That very day, Vasudeva went back to the prison and offered his daughter to Kansa in the hopes that Kansa would spare her because the prophesy stated that his eighth “son” would be the reason for his demise. But Kansa flung the baby girl against a rock. She changed into the goddess Durga and informed him of his impending doom instead of harming him.

Krishna became an adult and, in the end, killed Kansa, fulfilling the prophesy and freeing the city from Kansa’s oppressive control. The holiday of “Krishna Janmashtami” honors the day of ardor, love, and beauty that Lord Krishna personified.

Rituals and Holidays janmashtami

Devotees observe fasting, dress traditionally, take a ceremonial bath, and dress the Lord Krishna idols with new garments and jewelry on this day. They ask for blessings for their families’ welfare. Homes are adorned with rangoli and flowers, and customary ceremonies are carried out. Some individuals follow a “Nirjala Vrat,” or waterless fast, till midnight because that is when Krishna is said to have been born. After Krishna is born, his followers present the idol with milk, yogurt, and his preferred butter (white butter).

In temples, the festivities start in the early morning hours and last until midnight, which is when Lord Krishna is thought to have been born. Worshippers plan kirtans (devotional songs) and chant the Lord’s name. They also organize a “Dahi Handi” event where participants construct a human pyramid to topple a dangling pot of butter and yogurt.

The celebrations at the temple stretch from early morning till midnight, which represents the time of Lord Krishna’s birth. The Lord’s name is chanted and kirtan (devotional singing) is practiced by devotees.

Another ceremony called “Dahi Handi” sees participants building a human pyramid to climb a high-hanging pot of butter and yogurt in order to destroy it.

Krishna Janmashtami 2023 , gokulashtami

Enjoy “Krishna Janmashtami” celebrations and its spiritual importance.

Wishes of Krishna Janmashtami 2023

Ashtami 2023 DateSeptember 6 and 7, 2023
Rohini nakshatra starting timemorning 9.21 AM of 6 September
Rohini nakshatra endsMorning 7 September 10.25 AM
Janmashtami 2023 Date of celebration6 September 2023
Celebration timeMidnight 12 o’clock
Festival nameKrishna Janmashtami 2023
Religion who celebrateHindu
LordLord Krishna
TithiBhadrapada maas krishna paksha ashtami tithi
Birth Nakshatra Rohini Nakshatra
The Hindu holiday of Janmashtami honors Lord Krishna. On the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha in the month of Bhadrapad in 2023, which is the same as every year, is when Krishna Janmashtami is observed. There is a religious conviction that Shri Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who came to Earth. On this auspicious day, Krishna devotees conduct fasts and rejoice fervently throughout Ashtami. On this day, particular prayers are offered to the Lord’s child form. Following the celebration of Krishnashtami, worshippers worship Krishna and the fast is broken at midnight. Devotees think that by doing this, Lord Shri Krishna will continue to bless them and take away all of their troubles.

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